• New Enrolments

The Principal has a responsibility to ensure that the Catholic identity of the school is maintained and promoted so that parish schools can give priority in enrolment to students who are baptised Catholics. Schools may also enrol students from other faith traditions whose families demonstrate that they share in the foundational values of the parish school. Principals will inform Parish Priests of accurate enrolment numbers of Catholics present in the school throughout the year.
2.2 The following priorities for parish schools are recommended in policy:
II. Catholic families of the Parish who are known and involved members of the Parish.
III. Catholic families of the Parish who participate irregularly in the life and worship of the Parish*.
IV. Other than Catholic Families committed to a Christian denomination who seek a Catholic education and who currently have or have had children within the school#.
V. Other than Catholic families who are open to the spiritual and religious possibilities offered by a Catholic school.

In order to finalise the process please forward the following documentation with this form.

1. Birth Certificate
2. Immunisation Certificate
3. Baptismal Certificate (if Catholic)
4. Current Family Court Orders (if applicable)
5. Relevant medical and/or special needs information
6. Report of assessment for speech, hearing, cognitive, O/T (if applicable)
7. Latest School Report


School fees are compulsory and are set by the Parish Finance Committee. School Fees accounts are sent to families in each of the four terms throughout the year. Payments can be made in full, or by regular payments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The School secretary can assist by preparing a repayment budget plan for families.

Funds collected from fees are used in the following ways:

· To purchase text books and stationery which are supplied to the children.
· To cover printing costs associated with pupil worksheets, newsletters, reports, notices etc.
· To maintain curriculum materials and equipment
· To cover the costs of employing – Secretary, Cleaner.
· To cover costs of loans, building & grounds maintenance.
· To cover small excursions and school presentations.