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An important aspect of the mission of Catholic schools is to support parents as they nurture their children. ‘Young people must be helped, with the aid of the latest advances in psychology, to develop harmoniously so they may acquire a mature sense of responsibility in striving to form their lives and in pursuing freedom as they surmount the vicissitudes of life with courage and constancy.’ Gravissimum Educationis (7), Vatican II – Declaration of Christian Education. Schools create opportunities for shared aspirations. St Finbarr’s contributes to the educational opportunities of students by supporting and building their capacity to learn, play and be together. Presently education hums with an exciting and evolving pedagogy. Learning improves when schools value trust and support, opportunity and recognition. Teachers have each day, the chance to support student character development. A school able to provide reciprocal respectful relationships is an education that embeds explicit formation in its day and is a school with students who flourish.