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Kinder 2018
Information for students commencing Kinder 2018: InformationforparentsKindy2018


FAQ Kids Health logoKindy Healthy Kids Information:
Over the past 8 years Byron Shire Community Health have been giving out Kindy Health Packs to all children starting school in the Byron Shire.  These packs contain useful information about health and services in our local area.  This year all that information is available on all Byron Shire schools websites.  It will mean much better quality of graphics with much less use of paper and waste.  Parents can access the info they want, when they want.  Hopefully this works well for everyone but if accessing the internet is a problem don’t hesitate to contact Community Health and they can provide paper brochures.

Please feel free to contact Pam Walmsley from Community Health for further information or to discuss anything child related, details below.

Pam Walmsley
Child Health Nurse for Byron Shire
Phone: 02 66 870012


Information Links:

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