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High Levels of Learning

PLC = Higher Levels of Learning

With the support of our Learning for Life Team, a group of motivated parents and school leaders, the school has engaged parents in conversations about the significant transformation taking place in the way students are enabled to achieve high levels of learning.

A shift in fundamental purpose:

From the emphasis on teaching to a fixation on what students learn.

From coverage of content to student demonstration of proficiency.

From providing individual teachers with NSW curriculum documents to engaging collaborative teams in building shared knowledge regarding essential curriculum.

Higher levels of learning, e.g. Stage 1

As Jack rolls the dice he and Tilly are racing to add them. The faster of the two must explain what strategy is used in their thinking, e.g. “6 and 4 is 10 and 1 more makes 11”.

Asha used this think board to demonstrate her ability to add 23 and 4.

wk 7 maths 1wk 7 maths_3







These addition skills and knowledge are considered essential for successful further learning in Mathematics. Our teachers ‘drill down’ to specifically targeted learning, sharing effective teaching strategies with each other and providing additional time and expertise for any student who needs it through weekly intervention (small targeted groups which may change each week depending on the specific learning target).

Powerpoint slide presentation: Largest effects on learning