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St Finbarr’s Catholic Primary School was established in 1916 by the Sisters of St Joseph to provide high quality education for children of the local community within a loving, nurturing environment. The school belongs to Holy Spirit Parish and continues this important mission for the families of our local community.
Children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment in St Finbarr’s Catholic Primary School. At times the number of enrolment applications received by the school is greater than available places. When this occurs the following order of priority takes effect.

Priority for enrolment is given in the following order:
• Siblings of children already enrolled in the school,
• Baptised Catholic children within Holy Spirit Parish,
• Baptised Catholic children residing in other parishes,
• Children whose parents are Catholic,
• Children of other faiths whose parents adhere to and support the school’s Catholic identity and mission,
• Date of application.