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The purpose of this Policy is to establish a framework and provide directions for the administration of medication to students enrolled in St Finbarr’s.

St Finbarr’s acknowledges that the dignity, safety and well being of students are central to the values underpinning the school. St Finbarr’s also recognises that it is responsible and accountable for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, privacy and welfare of students enrolled at the school. It is also acknowledged that, arising from the duty of care that schools owe to their students, there will be occasions when the administration of medication is necessary to support students during the course of normal school activities.
To meet its obligations St Finbarr’s is committed to:
• Providing practical support for the parents/caregivers of students who require medication during school activities
• Maximising the participation in school activities of students who require medication or special procedures for managing a health condition
• Optimising the health, safety and wellbeing of students

Medication refers to medication prescribed by or used on the advice of a medical practitioner and which is considered essential to be administered at school for a student to achieve optimum health and to participate fully in school life. Medication is likely to be associated with a health condition such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, anaphylaxis, cystic fibrosis, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or other conditions diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

Responsibilities of parents
Parents are responsible for:
• Obtaining the relevant medication forms from the school and arranging for their completion and return
• Providing the medication in the original labeled container to the nominated staff member
• Ensuring the medication is not out of date and has an original pharmacy label with the student’s name, dosage and time to be taken
• Providing a request by parents and written instructions from a medical practitioner for medication that is not obtained on prescription, indicating:
Name of student
Condition for which the medication is required
Guidelines for administration

Responsibilities of the School
St Finbarr’s is responsible for:
• Informing the school community of school procedures for the administration of medication and the management of health conditions
• Providing parents with relevant medication forms for completion
• Providing information to and training for staff on the administration of medication for the health conditions about which parents have notified the school
• Developing a management plan (in consultation with parents) for students who require long term medication or management of a health condition at school
• Developing a safe system for the storage and administration of medication
• Keeping and storing records of all medication administered
• Developing procedures to manage particular medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, anaphylaxis and epilepsy
• Following protocols that incorporate safety and security considerations for students approved to self-administer medication and/or self manage a health condition
• Reminding students (where necessary) about taking medication

• Guidelines for Administering Medication in Schools
• Letter of Explanation to Parents
• Medication Forms 1-6
• Privacy Policy

The policy will be reviewed within 12 months of its date of adoption, then periodically and not less frequently than every 3 years from its date of implementation.

Formulated February 2011 Adopted May 1 2011
Implemented March 2011 Reviewed
Next Review Due May 1 2013

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