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Proclaim Lismore 2013-2015 was a three-year collaborative effort to enhance and strengthen the foundations of Catholic culture in Catholic education. Stage Two, 2016-2020, strategically embeds a renewed Catholic culture within the people, processes and programs in Catholic education.


Proclaim Lismore 2013-2015 aimed to ensure Catholic education is strategically placed to enable the joyful energy of the Good News to positively influence each person, and transform Catholic education.

This will allow the promotion of schools that are truly Catholic in their identity and life, centres of Evangelisation, achieving high levels of Catholic religious literacy and practice, and led by staff who contribute to these same goals.


‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ The privilege of nurturing friendship with Jesus Christ and active membership of Church is the co-responsibility of all people of God.

The Catholic Schools Office, the Bishops of NSW and the ACT along with all Catholic educational leaders, staff and parents, as well as the broader Catholic community, are recommitting to Catholic schooling in the 21st century.

Evangelising, nurturing and otherwise educating our next generation is not the task of our schools alone: it requires a common effort from all our families, parishes, priests, teachers, the Catholic Schools Office and the entire Lismore community. Together, we will co-design the future of Catholic education over the next three years and the decade beyond under the guidance and authority of our Bishop.

PROCLAIM e-bulletin

Proclaim Lismore is an opportunity to join us as partners in co-designing a stronger, effective Catholic schooling for each student.

Please visit the Proclaim Lismore website to find out more: www.proclaimlismore.com.auor subscribe to our monthly e-bulletins by emailing proclaim@lism.catholic.edu.au.