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School Forum

The Parish School Forum was initiated in response to the expressed needs of the parish schools in the Diocese of Lismore.  During the early 1990s priests, principals and parents sought the support of the Catholic Education Office to develop more effective ways to structure the partnership between parents and parish schools.  The Parish School Forum provides a process whereby all members of the parish school may lean, discern and advise the parish priest and principal on matters relating to the mission and common good of that community.

The functions of the Parish School Forum are to:

1. Listen to families and seek ways to serve their authentic needs through appropriate support and education;

2. Provide a network to disseminate and exchange information within the school community;

3. ensure that Catholic Church teaching on collaboration, partnership, co-responsibility, common good, solidarity and subsidiarity, are practised in the life of the parish school community;

4. implement church teaching by promoting a co-operative partnership between parents, teachers, students, administrators, clergy and the wider community;

5. provided leadership training at appropriate levels of Parish School Forum participation to ensure all members work towards the Catholic identity and mission of the parish school

6. discern and advise the principal and parish priest regarding the views of the parish school community on Catholic identity and mission, policy, finance, building and maintenance, curriculum and communication

7. provide appropriate nominations for parish and local community groups as needed;

8. nurture the spiritual lives of all those involved in the Parish School Forum


Participants on the School Forum for 2014 include:

Peter Parker (Chair), John Wilson, Michael Piccoli, Grant Hawkins, Gabby Le Brun, Emma Taylor, Carmel Horner, Nicole Page (Treasurer), Lorrissa Barrett (Secretary)


Copies of the Minutes for the past year have been included below.

Minutes 2014

Forum minutes 17 Nov 2014

Forum minutes 4 Aug 2014

Forum minutes 29 July 2013

Forum minutes 17 March 2014